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With advances in construction technology, siding materials are becoming stronger than ever. No matter how tough the siding is on your home, however, its beautiful, pristine appearance will not stay that way forever. Particularly with the harsh winters and icy blizzards that can hit Delaware, after a decade or two, the outside of your house could be facing the damaging effects of erosion, buckling, cracking, warping, and fading.

While sometimes this may mean that your siding simply needs to be repaired, extensive damage could require complete replacement or re-installation, especially if your siding is older. Do not wait until it is too late but give your house the perfect facelift with our Wilmington siding services. You can count on our expert technicians at DNA Roofing and Siding to provide prompt and reliable installations or repairs so that your home always has the maximum curb appeal. In addition to our siding services, we also provide expert window installations!

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Is It Possible to Repair Damaged Siding?

In most cases, siding damage such as holes, dents, and other dents can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. Filling holes and firming up soft spots with a new generation of hardeners, wood fillers, and epoxies makes the wood as strong as the original. They can extend siding lifespans by at least two years.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Siding

It is never a good idea to wait when it comes to repairs for your home, especially with siding. This is because the longer you take to make minor repairs, the more likely the problem will develop into a major issue, and you might have to replace a large portion of your siding, or even the entire section.

Some critical warning signs that your siding should be repaired include:

  • Your siding looks like it has been warped or is rotting in places
  • There is dry rot in the wood
  • The siding is cracked or coming loose
  • The paint continually peels, requiring you to apply new coats
  • Your heating and cooling bills have increased suddenly
  • There are places where the paneling is severely faded
  • Bubbling is occurring along your siding
  • Your internal walls suffer from peeling paint or wallpaper
  • There is mold, fungi, or mildew on your walls or ceilings

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When Should You Completely Replace Siding?

Vinyl siding is permanent, and that's why homeowners like it. Things do, however, happen. For instance, the wind can get under vinyl siding and pull it away from the building. In addition, flying debris like twigs and hail can puncture vinyl. Vinyl today is more durable than the vinyl of yesteryear. It can be cracked or broken if used with conventional home equipment, such as a lawnmower or snowblower.

Comprehensive Siding Installation & Replacement

When you are getting siding installed for the first time or are finally having old siding replaced with a new, sturdy installment, you will need professionals who know what options will perfectly match not only the look but the base structure of your home. Too often customers find a choice that looks great with their house’s style, but do not find out until it is too late that this particular material is not resistant to the weather conditions and environment of their surrounding neighborhood. Make sure you check out our residential roofing as well as our commercial roofing services.

Every one of our siding contractors in Wilmington is trained not only to be an expert on siding installation but also with siding materials and designs, but to know what would be most durable for the exact location of your house. In addition to adding main siding products, we would be happy to advise you on siding accents, from trim to fascia to soffit – details which create the optimal final touch in making your house into a home. Trust DNA Roofing and Siding to preserve the qualities of strength and beauty in all aspects of your abode.

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